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Do we figure out responsibilities based on roles we are playing in each other's life?

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Mridu Bhatnagar
·Mar 14, 2022·

This thought was enough to take away a night's sleep. And hence, the time had to come to put it on paper.

Who is with you? Whom you are with? Friendships or Family?

In my opinion, friendship is free will. People come in life on their own. Move on their own. You don't really have any control. I might have moved on from some. Some might have moved on from me.

Some move on because of the next things in life. The thing is, it seems all transitory.

What are friendships for?

If friendships are free will.

What do you think families are for?

Are families for reassuring in times of need when things fall apart we'll stand beside you.

What are marriages for?

Is it for the same reason that you are assured that the spouse would show up if something happens. And, in marriage then you are in it together. Sign the papers, have it written on endless documents. Spouse of so and so. To show it to the world take 7 rounds around that fire to tell. Through thick and thin we are in this together.

Why have kids?

Have kids because then in old age. You have hope that they'll be there for you. I'm not not saying this. This is what I have heard.

Where did all the friends go from the equation all of a sudden?

Suppose hypothetically things fall apart and you are admitted. Will the friends show up? You would show up for whom?

Life remote?

Looks quite exciting on social media. With you hoping places on the go. Who stays?

That's it.

Who is there for you?

You are there for whom?

Does your presence matter?

Marriage is for what?

Kids are for what?

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