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Do you want to ask any questions about the organization?

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Mridu Bhatnagar
·Mar 7, 2022·

Interviews are a 2-way process. As much as the company wants to know about you. You also have an opportunity to ask questions about the company.

Below are a list of questions you can ask when at the end of your interview you are asked Do you have any questions for us?

  1. What is the project you are going to be working on?
  2. What do the day-to-day responsibilities involve?
  3. How is the growth trajectory in the engineering role?
  4. Level of Hierarchy?
  5. Who is going to be the reporting manager?
  6. Over all these years what has been your employee retention rate?
  7. Which engineering practices does the organization follow?
  8. What are the dimensions in which the organization is growing?
  9. What are the new skills that you'll get to learn and hone on the job?
  10. What process is followed to resolve production issues?
  11. What are the work timings? Are the timings flexible?
  12. Location of work? (Remote, Onsite, Hybrid)?
  13. Learning culture in the organization?
  14. How different is new work from the work you have previously done?
  15. Is there an opportunity to switch teams internally at a later point in time?
  16. What is the notice period?
  17. What is the average hike that an employee gets year on year?
  18. Are salaries disbursed on time?
  19. Were there layoffs during the covid time? How did you handle the crisis as an organization?
  20. What is the leave policy?
  21. Were employees given salaries during lockdown?
  22. Are employees given health insurance for themselves and their parents?
  23. What is going to be the post-tax deduction in-hand salary?
  24. Does the company sponsor giving talks at technical conferences?
  25. Whenever a team member is stuck at something. How do work together as a team and help them get unstuck?
  26. Is there documentation for services?
  27. What is the process of knowledge transfer?
  28. How many women are part of the engineering team?
  29. How many women are in leadership roles in the organization?

Along with this cross-Posting the exhaustive list Julia Evans has put up. To re-visit whenever required.

In my experience, the challenge is in getting honest answers. A lot of times what is said before joining and what you experience after joining is out of sync. And, you cannot really do anything about it.

This is written so that I don't forget. Re-visit this and pick up things from here.

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