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How to decide when to quit your day's job?

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Mridu Bhatnagar
·Mar 6, 2022·

The irony of this world is every day we have to make decisions. But, no one talks about the process of decision-making. Or you are either given unasked for advice. In my opinion, giving advice is giving answers or answering on behalf of someone else. Instead, asking reverse questions might help find their own answer.

There are two sides to a coin. Another reason might be that we are not asking the right questions. And, hence receive answers instead of reverse questions.

Putting here a list of some questions that might be good to ask yourself before you make the final call.

  1. What is the reason behind thinking of quitting the job?
  2. What is the cost you are paying by staying at your current job?
  3. Are you continuously learning new things?
  4. How do the future prospects of the organization look like?
  5. How is the team culture, work culture?
  6. Is the reason for thinking of quitting due to burnout?
  7. Do you have plan B after quitting your job?
  8. If there is no new job in the pipeline. Do you have enough savings? (depending on how much are tentative expenses?) or You are going to fall back on your parents?
  9. Are there others dependent on your income? In what way consequence of your choice is going to affect them?
  10. If the team is an issue. Is there any option of internally switching teams?
  11. If you are quitting before selection. Do you have the required skills to crack the interviews?
  12. How does your network look like? If you put forth your resume to anyone in your network would they vouch for you?
  13. Due to the uncertainty of life have the financial responsibilities and needs increased all of a sudden?
  14. How does your progress in the organization look like? Is there improvement from who you were when you joined the organization and who you are right now?
  15. You are quitting because you want to quit?
  16. Quitting because that is what is going around in the market. So, why not?
  17. Are you aware of the interview process in your industry?
  18. What is the short-term consequence of taking the decision?
  19. What is the long-term consequence of taking the decision?
  20. Has the work become monotonous?
  21. Market Economics?
  22. What is the compensation you are getting for the new job?

This is the list of questions that I could think of. I'll keep updating the list on the go as I figure out more relevant questions that can be thought of before taking the call. How much weight you give to each question might vary. Preference of importance might vary. But, I think finding answers will help give some clarity.

I have been asked this question by others. How do you know when to quit. Another reason is for self to think through the process. And, not do blind decision-making.

What are the questions you ask yourself when you think of taking the decision to quit your day's job?

I'll update the list giving you your due credit. The idea is to make this list exhaustive. So, that it helps.

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