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Things to do when you join a new organization?

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Mridu Bhatnagar
·Mar 8, 2022·

Every organization may not have a streamlined new hire onboarding process. In such a situation the onus is on us to figure things out. In my experience, it is rare that someone will come and tell you all the needed things. Rather, one way to find answers and get going from Day 1 is to ask questions.

Listing here the things that'll help you get started. Some points are from an engineering role perspective others are generic.

  1. Search all the communication channels that the organization uses?
  2. If communication is written. Which tool is used?
  3. Development, Master, and Production environment access?
  4. How to check logs on each of the environments?
  5. Get familiar with the version control system used by the team?
  6. Get access to tools that are used for logging?
  7. Database access credentials?
  8. How to setup and run the project on your local system?
  9. Enquire about the sprint and release cycle of the organization?
  10. Is there any existing documentation of the project you are going to work on?
  11. Which are the different portals that the organization uses for all HR-related stuff?
  12. Which all tools are used by the organization internally? (You can familiarize yourself with the tools. If required.)

Seek help from team members. If the onboarding process is streamlined well and good. If not, finding answers to the above questions might help remove the blockers.

Tip: Writing down everything in one place for your convenience will help in quick access. Otherwise, when actually these things are needed. It becomes difficult to search in the first place.

Are there any questions that you can think of that help you get started?

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